Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting Wednesday: Abbott

Look at this little cutie!!

He doesn't look very happy in either of the two photos we have of him, but what's there to smile about when he's stuck in an orphanage for the rest of his life if nobody comes to adopt him?? We don't know much about him, except that he is 4 years old, and will be 5 in May. His profile also says that he is calm, but really? One girl's profile said she calm, not capricious, not soupy! So I don't much faith in those descriptions, esp since they aren't usually changed from when they were a baby and first listed! :)


Birth Date: May 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: dark brown
Character: calm

$2001.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

My new bloggy friend and reader, MommaofMany, who blogs over at Loving the Crew has been advocating for sweet Abbott. Please stop by to leave her some encouragement and let her know you are praying for him!

Please someone save Abbott before it's too late and he becomes like Ksenia! ♥ You want him to have a reason to smile right?


  1. He's adorable!! And the name is kind of cute, too :)

    Ha....soupy. Maybe it's referring to the quality of her diapers. I could tell you a thing or two about soupy diapers :)

  2. Thank you so much for blogging about Sweet Abbott! I know his family is out there somewhere...they just need to see his cheeks and fall in love with his beautiful eyes. Let's get his pictures posted everywhere!!

  3. Please keep praying for Abbott! He's in Russia, though, and is no longer available to American families. I've been advocating for Jackson now. You can see him here: He's in PRC and his special need is that he's missing a foot. That's it! I'm sure he will thrive in a family.


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