Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My little man...

Introducing... Baby Dax!!! ♥

He has yet to learn (or hear) his name for all the nicknames he is called. I won't mention them so I don't publicly humiliate him! LOL 
I also have a list of hats to make for him that go with his nicknames... sorry mom, I'm not getting anything else done this week!

Big boy also ROLLED OVER twice yesterday at 12 days old!! He didn't like tummy time so he rolled over, and we put him back on his tummy and he did it again! Check out the video!

He sure knows how to look stern!

Ooo! It's snowing outside!

I LOVE this little munchin so much, and I'm soo blessed to spend this week with him and his wonderful family!!
I'm not looking forward to leaving him at the end of this week!!!


  1. He's adorable!!! :-) So glad you are enjoying yourself.

    But "dreading" coming home??? That makes me a little sad. :-( We have a squishy baby here, you know...he just weighs 3x as much as Dax. LOL

  2. Well, you'll just have to start planning your next visit to our house! Maybe for spring break -- and bring Isaac, too! :)

  3. hi Sarah Its me Anna, He is so cute and I still don't miss you! Me and Ellie are going to bug you! (I posted this without moms help so don't tell!)


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