Saturday, December 10, 2011

Days of Elijah - Day 7

I hope you don't mind, but this time I'm going to get caught up by posting each day separate, so hopefully it will register in my brain that I need to post EVERY day! :)

I've already told you that Elijah LOVES shutting doors and Down Syndrome should be renamed Shutting Door Syndrome. Well, another alternative would be renaming it Pushing Button Syndrome!

Not as in pushing peoples buttons to drive them crazy (though at times he is good at that too!), but pushing buttons on TV's, remotes, phones, iPads, radios, computer keyboards, and especially DVD players! He's figured out how to open the DVD player, put Signing Time in, and get it play. Stinker! Dad will definitively be making a DVD player guard soon! We also have to lock the computer every time we walk away from it! :)

Tip: To lock a computer quickly to keep little fingers from messing things up, hit the Widows button and the 'L' button. Thanks Michelle! :)


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