Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here are some updates from my last post in no particular order:

~First off, I need to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone of of you who has been praying!! Yours prayers are making a huge difference, and we can feel them! THANK YOU!!
And also, THANK YOU for sharing my last post and spreading the prayer request! The stats of my last post have skyrocketed

~Here is an update from Natalie today about what she learned about the priest (green is from her, black is from me)-
This is what I learned today:
  • He is a good man who wants to help the children.
  • These children will NOT live their entire lives in orphanages, they will be adopted by families he knows personally and trusts to take good care of the children.
  • He is a very patriotic man. He feels these children were born here for a reason, and he wants families here to adopt them.
  • Nothing changes after a year. There is no "government money that runs out after a year". He would be compensated for having the children in his care until they are 18, but he is having them adopted into good families here instead. (As of right now, also meaning no adoption after one year.) 
  • No family coming here to adopt a child is ever guaranteed that child. There are MANY children still waiting for adoptive parents. (Until you have passed the ten day wait there is no guarantee you will be bale to bring the child you cam over to adopt home. Committing through RR means nothing (no offence Michelle!) besides that anyone looking at RR knows you are trying to get that child. No child is guaranteed to a family still in process. Yes, each of the families who have lost children knew this, but that doesn't stop the hurt of losing a child you thought was going to be yours, or in my case thinking a child you love is going to come home and losing that hope.)
  • He is not taking the bedridden children because he does not have the capability to care for them adequately, and if he were to do so they would be the only children he would be able to help. (Which would be why no one from orphanage 7 - Ryan and Maxim's orphanage is gone.)

~Andriy has indeed been taken.. :'( Please be in prayer for the Burlingham's.
~But PRAISE GOD!! No one else from Andriy's orphanage, or Ryan and Maxim's orphanage has been taken!

~PLEASE continue to pray for and encourage the other families who have lost little ones through this, specifically my dear friend Jaclyn, and the W family (adopting Molly).

~I have also decided that I will be taking a break from blogging here aside from updating on this situation and a few other things. Partly because I want to give my heart a little more time to heal, and also because I need to get all my Christmas orders and Christmas presents done before this weekend! :) Trust me, this will not be the last of me! ;)~Something else I was going to include in my last post was that it was my 200th post. I found that significant because I started this blog because Logan propelled me into the world of orphan advocating, and my last post was kind of the end of his story. Logan has truely shown me what it means to love, and opened up my heart to the plight of the orphan. More on that to come...

~This thing called healing is hard, and it's taking awhile, but I am definitively the healing hand of God at work in many lives, including mine!

Thank you for your prayers again!!

For those new visitors to my blog, I post Lyla (Lilianna on RR)'s picture at the end of every post, and I will be until she find a family!!! :)

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