Friday, December 9, 2011

Faithful Friday - The Clanton Family

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the wonderful family of TWO special children I've posted about for Waiting Wednesday!! The Clanton's!

And they are bring home, none other than Genesis....

AND Dmitriy!!

GENESIS and DMITRIY for the Clanton family — Zephyrhills, FL

Jon & Yvonne Clanton have been married for 22 years and have three children, Steve (16) , Sam (7) and Shad (8 ).  Jon pastors Grace Church  and is the prison chaplain at Zephyrhills Correctional.  Their story is very unique.  Sam was born premature but did ok.  The day after he was born they were allowed to hold him for the first time.  He rewarded them by opening his eyes and his parents saw for the first time that something was incredibly wrong.  His eye were different sizes and very cloudy.  Somehow in all the drama of his birth, this had been overlooked by medical staff.  The Clantons feel now that it was a holy moment they shared with their child as the enormity of their situation sunk in….  He was to be diagnoised with Peter’s Anomaly a very rare eye condition that also affected his development.   When Sam was one, the Clantons saw a picture of a little blind boy in China.  He tugged at their heart even tho they had NO savings left & Yvonne had quit her job as a probation officer supervisor.  But they stepped out in faith and God provided every penny!  Yvonne picked Shad up in china, 9 months & 6 days after they began the paperwork!  BTW, he is only blind in one eye!!!  He has no other physical or developmental problems.

Recently they became aware of Reece’s Rainbow. Yvonne is always on the lookout for blind kids so she saw Genesis & Dmitry and it upset her so much she clicked off her picture. Genesis looked so much like her son Sam that all she could think of was “what if that were Sam?” Then their church took up an offering for orphans and she went back to RR to find a child to put the money on…again she saw Genesis and Dmitiry. They decided to work on finding funding to put on the children for grants. Within a few days, the family realized that God was calling them to step out in faith and adopt Genesis, and soon they realized they could not leave Dmitiry behind.. They have now committed to both of them and the process has begun! They are looking forward to both of the children having the same surgery their son Sam had and are hopeful the surgery will give them some sight! 

Follow the Clanton family's adoption journey on their blog

$140.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

The Clanton's already have two visually impared boys, one adopted from China. And now they are feeling the call to step out in faith again, and bring home two more little ones which vision issues!!! They REALLY need your prayers and help, because both Genesis and Dmitriy are in a horrible horrible place, and need out ASAP!!! And my favorite part... is what they are naming them! Dmitriy will be Seth Job, and Genesis will be named SARAH!! ♥♥

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  1. Thanks for posting about our two precious children. Thank you for posting before we even knew they existed! Thank you for your prayers!!! You inspire me:)

    Yvonne Clanton


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