Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days of Elijah - Days 5 and 6

Would you believe me if I told you that it never even crossed my mind to post about this yesterday? sigh... blogging fail, again!

Day 5
Closing Door Syndrome is what Down syndrome should be renamed! I wasn't the clever person who came up with that, but I agree 100% with it! :) Elijah LOVES to close doors, gates, drawers, dishwashers, any thing you can shut that's open! He will literally walk around closing things. He will shut the TV door when Signing Time is on, and get mad because he can't see it anymore. You figure that one out by yourself little man! I'm perfectly fine with a break from Signing Time! :) It does get annoying though when you are trying to load up the dishwasher, and he comes over, you trip on him, he shuts the dishwasher, and signs "Thank you" because he thinks he's doing you a favor! Silly boy!

Day 6
The Phonix radio. It makes itself known probably more than a 100 times a day around here. If Elijah isn't watching Signing Time, eating, or napping, you'll usually find him playing with this toy. He LOVES it, hence his constant companionship with it. :) Unfortunately for him, it might just "run out of batteries" pretty soon here, if he can't learn to keep it on the quieter volume. ;)

Though I usually don't fail to post her picture, it gets harder and harder to post it each time. Why? Because if I'm still posting it, that means she is still waiting. Enough said.


  1. So cute! My little brother had that radio, till he was about 3.5-4yrs old. Once it ran out of batteries, there was some happy people in our house! :)
    Praying Lyla/Lilianna soon finds a family!

  2. FYI-- a little clear packing tape over part (or all!) of the speaker on noisy toys works wonders. It's especially effective if you can apply it when the child first gets the toy (ie. BEFORE he realizes that that's not the volume the toy is suppose to be). And the speakers being in an inconspicuous place are a bonus :o)


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