Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Days of Elijah - Day ?? - Happy Gotcha-versary!

One year ago today.... my little brother Elijah left the orphanage forever, never to return, because he was no longer an orphan! Those of us in in the adoption world refer to the day a child leaves the orphanage forever "Gotcha day". So...

Getting dressed to leave!

Happy 1st Gotcha-versary Elijah!! 

Walking out the doors for the last time with mama!
This is just the first of many, and you are still experiencing many firsts, like your first Christmas this year in a FAMILY! Love you tons buddy!

On the train, on your way home! (No, you didn't take a train across the ocean! Then mama would really have a good reason to complain about the long train ride! ;))
And I love you too Lyla and long for the day when I can wish you Happy Gotcha-versary!! ♥

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