Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Liberate Lina!!!

It's not that far until Christmas, and you have the chance to get some Christmas shopping done, and set this little one free!

She is 5 years old, and as you can see, she is TINY! She is in a horrible institution, the same one as Kelten and Teagan actually. She does have a family working to get her, and you can visit their blog HERE. However they need funds to bring her home as soon as possible to get the urgent medical treatment she needs. A couple of really sweet ladies have organized a blog auction to help set her free! There are over a hundred items you can bid on, definitely something for everyone!

My personal favorites are the brown bag, the yarn assortments, and the hair bow assortment and bow holder - I'll will need several of the hair bow holders for my future girls!! ;) And as Rachel says, "If they don't like bows in their hair...well...I'll make them like bows!!" :)

Please head on over to HIDDEN TREASURES to help Liberate Lina!!!

I'm sure Lyla wouldn't mind being liberated either!!!! :)


  1. I totally want the hairbows!!! :) Does lil' Rachel like hairbows? Since I don't have any little girls to put the hairbows on...yet...I may need to borrow some ;)

  2. I mean borrow some little girls, not hairbows :)


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