Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tree Decorating!

Earlier this week we decorated our Christmas tree.... Here are pics, and my favorite ornaments! :)

I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures... I had my camera on a weird setting to try and make the best of the low light in the room, and didn't realize until I uploaded them that they were so blurry!

Yup, here I go with the watermarks again!
Hey Rach, THIS is Sar-bear, not me! :)
Martroyshka doll! :)
Look! We were only a family of 4! That was back in 2002 though.... :)
Jonathan hanging out on the floor loving the tree!
"You have a camera!! oh YUM!"
"Coming in for a taste test!!"
"HAHAHA Almost got it!!"
"Ok, you won that time, but I've got another plan!"
"I'll distract you with my cuteness!"
Rachel insisted she needed a picture too! "Ma-nan" (her word for Jonathan) can't be the only star!
"Plan B: I'll bounce up and down so fast she can't take pictures!"
"Wow! She still got a sorta good one!"
My 3 favorite ornaments on the tree!! :)
Look! An ornament form last year. It's Carrington!! Little did we know at the time we got this ornament how grave condition she was in. PRAISE GOD she is HOME with her FAMILY and THRIVING NOW!
And this year's ornaments! Tabitha is still waiting!!

Lilly is still waiting for her family!

And of course Lyla (Lilianna) is still waiting!!

(She is not in the picture above, because she is not supposed to be on the tree yet! She along with two others have to wait to go on the tree until Christmas! But shh! Don't tell anyone I said that, I'm not supposed to know that!)

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  1. I love this post! And yea - I HATE taking photos in low light. They never, ever, EVER turn out!! UGH!

    Love the photos of ma-nan. Seriously - he can not get any cuter.

    And I love all those special ornaments. Really sweet. Next year - who knows?! Maybe they'll ALL have families!! And no - not because Jake & I are adopting them all :) Don't get any ideas!


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