Monday, December 5, 2011

Another Craft Sale Completed!

My excuse for not blogging on Friday and Saturday was our latest craft sale!! I was having a hard time getting myself in "craft sale mode" until after we set up on Friday afternoon. Luckily we had enough stuff left from our last sale at the Farmers Market to fill up our 6ft table without me having to work my behind off. :) Here are some pictures!!!

Our booth!
Hehe, I like watermarks! (It says 'Property of What It Mans to Love') And no, I don't think anybody will try and steal these pictures, but I like how fancy they look with a watermark! :)
Jaclyn's bows and tutu's! :) Thank you again dear friend for donating your time and talent to help Logan come home! I know his family REALLY appreciates it! By the way, if anybody wants any of these bows of tutu's let me know! We didn't sell very many! I'll also be updating the Love for Logan page at the top soon! :)
Rachel and I! It was a little weird selling things in the room we normally meet for youth group in... and sitting at the same table. A little different atmosphere! :) We did know how to stack those silly chairs though!

We did really well, considering last year we only made $27 at this same sale. :) My sweet Logan is now $50 closer to coming home to his forever family, and Lilly love is now $60 (including $45 in orders!) closer to finding her forever family!!! Thank Jesus!!! And thank you, thank you, thank you to each one of you who came out and supported us!!!!!!! Lilly and Logan say thank you too!!!

And Lyla says thank you to 9 yo Patience Duval, soon to be big sister to Mr. Judah Ray for being her newest advocate!!! Love yours and your family's heart girl!!! :) I say thank you too!!!

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