Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ha! A Picture! :)

Ohh, sorry I said the next post would be about my weekend, didn't I? Well, that will be the next post!

Remember when I posted about the nose warmer I made for Matt? Well, he finally sent me a pic! :) He did indeed wear it, and said it worked pretty well, I just might want to think about adding a flap so the wearer can blow their nose... I told him the idea was that you put it on right away so your nose doesn't freeze and start running. He said he didn't need the extra insulation on the mile, almost all uphill, walk to his stand. :)

He cracks me up!



  1. LOL oh goodness gracious, Sarah. You're something else :)

  2. We've talked so much about Lilianna around our house that my 9 year old daughter is in love with her :) Just had to tell you she has another advocate!!!


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