Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Praying for Sarah and Seth....

I know I've had a lot prayer request here lately, but can I ask you to pray for a sweet little girl today??

Her name is Genesis, soon to be Sarah.
Today is her birthday. She is 5 years old. 
She has waited 5 long years for a family to call her own.
She has a family working hard to get her and her brother, Dmitriy, soon to be Seth.

PLEASE PRAY Sarah and Seth will be able to hold on through the winter until their family can get to them.
They are in a very horrible place, and are both very tiny. Seth is only 22 pounds!

Also please pray that all the finances come in for their family so they can travel in March.
They still need just under $14,000. Can you help be a change in their life?

Please go visit the Clanton's blog here - My real life by Yvonne

Thank you!!!!!
The Clanton Family - Jon and Yvonne, Steve (16), Shad (8 - adopted from China), and Sam (7). Waiting to add Seth and Sarah!!!

Dear God,
Please keep Sarah and Seth safe and sustain them through the winter. Give them strength and nourish them supernaturally. Help them to feel the love of their family a half a world away. Help them to hang on until their family can get there!

Lord, I also pray for their family waiting here for them. Give them peace knowing Seth and Sarah are in your hands. Please let their application have favor at the USCIS, and help them to get a shockingly fast approval so Sarah and Seth don't have to wait one more day than they need to. Please move people's hearts to give to this adoption for that they are fully funded, and are able to travel as soon as is allowed.

Also, please help Lyla's new family to see her picture and KNOW that she is meant to be theirs. Help her to hold on as well until a family can be found and get to her.


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  1. Thankyou for posting about our precious children:)


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